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Have you been struggling with your weight for years? Maybe you've tried every fad diet under the sun with no results. Are you confused about what's really healthy and what's not? Are you constantly feeling fatigued with poor focus? 

If you answered YES to any of these questions, I can help you. 


My nutrition journey began when I was 16. At first, I struggled with my weight. I was chubby, depressed, and I literally slept 12-14 hours per day. I began a series of unhealthy diets and ended up very underweight, weak, and undermuscled. I was determined to turn my life around so that I could feel good and get the athletic body I had always wanted. I discovered weight lifting and learned how to fuel my body to develop lean muscle and recover for my workouts. It was a long journey to get where I needed to be, but now I share my nutrition strategies with others so that they can get real results, without all the guesswork. 

My experiences with nutrition challenges gives me an edge when working with clients to develop a successful mindset, implement positive habits, manage cravings, and create a sustainable diet. Most importantly, I understand how to structure a diet that fits your lifestyle and your body type. Many programs require you to drastically alter your life to make it work. I work with you to promote small habits that will help you reach your goals without one giant overhaul. The key to success is small, sustainable changes. 

Online Nutrition Coaching is the best way to get expert dietary strategies that get you to your ideal body while still enjoying life. You will recieve a nutrition program that is customized to your specific goals, experience level, and lifestyle situation. Learn the simple principles necessary to change your body for good. I can help anyone with one or more of the following goals.


Maybe you've always struggled with being the skinny person who can't put on weight. It seems like it would be a breeze to gain weight, but if your metabolism is too high it can be very difficult. I provide effective eating strategies that will allow you to gain lean muscle without putting on unwanted bodyfat.


Losing weight can be a nightmare if you don't have good support and a great plan. I can teach you how to structure your diet to make weight loss a breeze. A great diet will be one you can sustain for a lifetime without feeling deprived. 


No one should be too tired or too sick to enjoy their life, and nutrition plays a key role in how you feel. With all the misinformation out there about what makes a healthy diet, it can be difficult to know where to start. Learn how to set up your diet for optimal health and maximum energy. 

No cookie-cutter programs.

I've been coaching people for long enough to realize that one size does NOT fit all. Nutrition is more than calories in versus calories out. People are unique, with different body types, different metabolisms, different lifestyles, and different struggles. I design each program according to your lifestyle, goals, and your own unique starting point.  I handle proper meal scheduling for your goal, emotional eating strategies, digestion issues, lifestyle habits, and supplementation.


  • “Courtney is my hero! She spent time with me showing me the ins and outs of nutrition and why it's important. I learned things about food I never would have known. Courtney has a knack for explaining things in an easy, understandable way. She is extremely passionate about being primal which makes her so patient when teaching her knowledge. The knowledge she gave me is priceless and I will forever be thankful for her. “
    Sarah Woodman, Chattanooga, TN
  • "I wish I lived close enough to experience training from someone so focused and dedicated. Due to distance, Courtney has focused on nutrition and lifestyle coaching with me. She takes the time to truly educate so that I understand my struggles and how to permanently resolve them. When I'm feeling discouraged I know exactly who to call and each conversation leaves me with a deeper understanding of my goals and how to reach them. Courtney has helped me rid my body of chronic inflammation and pain simply by changing the way I eat. This experience has given me back my life! "

    Tasha Penn, Boston, MD
  • "Highly motivated and very knowledgable trainer! Got me into the best shape of my life. Also kept me on track with food items and supplements and was supportive of anything I needed. A+" 

    Shawn Lyness, Ooltewah, TN
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I am fully commited to your results! If you're not satisfied, I'm not satisfied. Try my services, and if you're unhappy with the program within 30 days, I will happily provide you with a full refund.

Why Online Nutrition Coaching is
Perfect For You

  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Analysis to identify any dietary and environmental barriers that would slow your progress.
  • Recieve an easy to follow 4-week customized nutrition program that doesn't leave you starving.
  • Get weekly 1 on 1 calls to report struggles, ensure progress, and implement adjustments. 


To start with Online Nutrition Coaching you must first complete an online application to see if you meet the requirements. If you're eligible to work with me, I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule a Strategy Session over the phone. From there I will assess your lifestyle and nutrition habits and begin working on a full plan for you. 

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Why Bodyweight Training?

You do NOT need a gym to get in shape. You don't even need weights. All you need is your body and a killer workout program. Bodyweight training, or calisthenics, has been getting people in amazing shape long before humans started using gyms. It has been utilized by Navy SEALS, Shaolin monks, and gymnasts to develop amazing physiques and incredible strength. 

Bodyweight training can be done in your home or on the go, which makes it the most accessible and convenient form of training. It requires zero equipment, and the variations and progressions are endless. It's the ultimate solution for people short on time who want strength, skills, and athleticism. 

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