"I came to Courtney in January 2020 after looking for a trainer who would suit my needs. I have a spinal injury that makes high impact and heavy weight training exercises difficult, and gives me a good deal of pain if not cared for. I was also carrying about 30 pounds of excess weight that I wanted to shed, but needed nutrition guidance to make better choices.

Courtney has a fun, easygoing, non-intimidating personality, and put me at ease immediately when I began working with her. After about two months of sessions with her, the COVID-19 crisis and Stay Home orders started. Happily, Courtney was able to transition me to virtual training so I can feel safe in our weird current environment, but keep building on what she’s teaching me.

I feel stronger and fitter, and I haven’t had any back pain practically since my first training session. The system Courtney trains through, Functional Patterns, focuses on posture and movement to build strength and power in a usable way, not just in muscle bulk. I can see and feel real results, but I think the best part of training with her is that I feel *better*, in every way." 


“Before working with Courtney, I was experiencing a lot of pain in my back and also psychologically felt resigned to feeling increasingly stiff and out of shape. This was disheartening because at one time - for many years - I was an avid exerciser, runner, and cyclist. Breast cancer, chemotherapy, and radiation have taken a toll on my body along with years of very long hours at a desk at my own business.

Before Primastrong, I was beginning to feel that improvement was impossible. Now I know that is not the case. Courtney manages to provide motivation and inspiration without the drill sergeant approach. I want to work hard when she is coaching me! Working with Primastrong has reinforced my commitment to fitness and the realization that it is absolutely essential throughout life in order to move about without pain and do the things that need to be done in life.

I am feeling much better; less stiffness after sitting and driving. I have more endurance and feel my core strength is on the way to being the best it has ever been. Still working on the diet, but Courtney has been tremendous help there also. Through her guidance, I realized I was not getting enough protein in my diet and am making changes to achieve that goal, too.“


“I have been working with Courtney for almost a year now, and Functional Patterns has changed my life. I suffered from a back injury that left me in constant pain and made simple things a struggle. Even injections and physical therapy never worked to lessen the stress on my spine. I started working with Courtney and learning how to properly stand (yes, even that can be something we need to re-learn) and working out in a way that let my body naturally improve itself and build back up to a healthy range of motion and mobility. You don't realize how much of your body has become unused and left to worsen over time because of how life is today. My pain went away after around month 4-5 and now one year later I am still pain free. My spine decompressed (I've grown a half inch) my posture improved, and I've lost almost 40 lbs. I haven't felt this good since freshman year of high school.

Functional Patterns is not going to the gym and running and exhausting yourself then to not get any results. Courtney adapts your workout to specifically what you need, and what your body needs. You're not running till you crash or lifting weights endlessly. You're using your own body and natural human movements, and yes, it's hard sometimes. My overall health has drastically improved compared to one year ago! Working with her has been amazing and shes honestly become a friend and a mentor to me. Whether it's diet, nutrition, body health, mental health, or anything you need guidance with for living a healthy lifestyle, she's there to help. I love her and all she does! If you want a more one on one session where you're the focus and comfortable in your own zone, rather than a crowded gym full of weirdos, then Courtney is the way to go!“


"Before I started going to Courtney, I was going to the chiropractor at least 2 times a month. I have suffered with back pain due to scoliosis. It increased while I was pregnant. During pregnancy, I went to the chiropractor once a week. The pain did not go away after I had my baby.

Since I started going to Courtney and doing Functional Patterns I no longer go to a chiropractor and my back and ribs are significantly improved. I also have been able to strengthen my body as a whole. She takes time to listen to your complaints and concerns and makes sure that you feel comfortable. I would recommend anyone to go to her if you are looking for a personal trainer."


"Courtney is an awesome trainer. Her training has literally helped save my life.I started working with Courtney shortly after a cancer diagnosis and surgeries/treatments to fight it. I absolutely brought her my worse self to work with. My body was weak, I had difficulty with the most basic movements. My health numbers and blood work were horrible and trending to needing to begin medication therapies. I wasn't sure I could keep up a training plan, but I was terrified of what might happen next for me if I didn't do something.

Courtney met with me and gave me a fitness and movement assessment and she did not even hesitate to say she could help me. Her knowledge of and passion for fitness has made all the difference. I have learned so much from her about nutrition and how my body should work. I love that she is always challenging me to be my best self but she does not hesitate to stop me if I try to rush the process. I have gone from planning a funeral for myself at 43 yrs old to now, at 44, stronger and healthier than I have ever been including in the years leading up to my cancer diagnosis. I have lost weight, my health numbers have vastly improved (no medications for me!), and Courtney has made all the difference. I cant thank her enough!"


Charles came to me with chronic pain in his back, shoulder, and hip. He had a history of highly compressive training techniques that had distorted his movement and put him in pain. We've been utilizing Functional Patterns techniques to undo his dysfunctions so that he can continue to train without pain and develop the athleticism he's always wanted. 


"I am so much stronger since working with Courtney. After having my third baby I had back pain and struggled being as physically present as I wanted to be with my kids. I am bounding up the stairs now, easily picking my kids, and moving without pain. I really enjoy working out and feel great about all that I can do. I have gained more confidence and started running, also without pain.

I was really resistant to the idea of getting a trainer because it was intimidating to me. I am so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and starting working with Courtney. I liked working out before, but she has taught me so much about how my body works that it would have been impossible to learn without her expertise. She truly cares about helping me reach all my goals and I am so thankful to have her as a teacher."


"Courtney is amazing! She is so dedicated and passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals! She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to how the body works and how to train to become better inside and out. She never rushes the process, but instead dedicates the time needed to reach goals. She goes above and beyond when it comes to sharing recipes, workouts, etc. She frequently checks in on me to see if I need anything. To sum it up, Courtney is the best!"


"Before finding Courtney, I was frustrated with wanting to lose weight and starting and stopping diets. I was eating very unhealthy and never exercised. I was just tired of looking they way I did, but did not really know a place to start getting healthy again. The coaching helped me by showing me what exercises I should focus on and I have learned and am still learning how to eat better. Life is different now because health and exercise is something I think about everyday, and I look forward to getting better."


Enhancing posture and movement without the pain.

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